Sanisphère – Public Toilets


What we do ?

Since 1991, Sanisphere has been marketing eco-responsible public toilets. Featuring innovative technology, they require neither water nor electricity. Robust and easy to maintain, these self-contained toilets have won over local authorities, ski resorts and rest area operators. And this is just the beginning.

Historically, water toilets have greatly improved sanitary quality, but they consume a lot of energy and cannot be installed everywhere. Sanisphere provides alternative sanitation solutions that are suitable for all environments: in the mountains, in tourist and natural sites, and even in the city… Its toilets are comfortable, modern and elegant, designed to stay clean and odor-free.

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How does it work ?

Sanisphere invests in R&D to find ever more innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. The first technological challenge was to separate the effluents and then recycle them, just as our bodies do naturally.

The company has patented a first innovative inclined conveyor belt system. On one side, the liquids are directed by simple gravity into an evacuation circuit. On the other hand, the solid elements remain on the belt and are sent to a composting room.

A second step is then taken: the recovered materials are transformed into humus by the action of compost worms, bacteria, fungi and insects. This humus can then be used, for example, to fertilize green spaces. Moreover, the volume of these elements is considerably reduced, avoiding the need to empty them for decades, if ever!

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What about odors, hygiene, cleaning ?

Whatever type of toilet we use, two nuisances make them unpleasant to use: the sight of dirt and foul odors.

Sanisphere toilet stalls are simple, modern, and adapted to accessibility standards for people with disabilities. They are designed to remain clean and to be cleaned with water.

The other challenge is to eliminate odors to provide maximum comfort to users. Sanisphere has developed a self-ventilation and natural filtration system. The air is sucked in through the bezel, then escapes through a chimney. The space is thus permanently ventilated.

Thus, the comfort is even improved compared to water toilets because there is no smell during the use, nor even during the important flows of use.

How much does it cost ?

The range of toilets offered today by Sanisphere has expanded considerably and can meet all budgets. We define together your project to determine which model will be the best adapted to your expectations.

The cost of the exploitation is as for him almost null! Only one intervention per year in the technical room is necessary, and its emptying is rarely if ever carried out (R&D: about eternal toilets). The fact that the system does not require water or electricity means that the “breakdown” factor is considerably reduced. The bowl never clogs and the system is insensitive to frost.

que faisons-nous

Sanisphere toilets installed to date help save 12,600,000 liters of drinking water per year – the equivalent of 4,200 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Toilet flushing accounts for an average of 30% of a family’s water consumption in France.

A European uses an average of 13 kilos of toilet paper per year.

Worldwide, 200 million tons of human excreta end up in rivers every year and pollute them.

2.4 billion people still live without toilets.