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It is a significant investment at the beginning, but afterwards it does not cost much. Innovative, dynamic and competent company, handling a "universal" problem
Technical services of the Ardèche department (07)
Very competent company, very close to the customer with high quality material. The staff is very nice and involved in the same approach "quality and information on the product".
The municipal team of Richerenches (84)
Sanisphere is easy to manage because the toilet is well designed to carry out the cabin's maintenance operations: it is easy to maintain and thus, it is easier for us to motivate our teams to ensure the cleaning.
The operations department in Valmeinier (73)
It's a significant investment at the beginning, but afterwards it costs almost nothing: the earthworms do their work, and we save drinking water!
An adventure park operator (68)
I use these toilets regularly! They are very comfortable and don't give off any smell, even during use. That is revolutionary! They should be installed everywhere, even in private homes.
A retired citizen in the city of Lyon (69)