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How much does a Sanisphere toilet cost?

Sanisphere offers a standardized and diversified range of public toilets, in order to meet all budgets. We support you by defining your project to determine which model is best adapted to your expectations.

Did you know that the cost of operating a Sanisphere toilet is nearly zero? You will only need one intervention per year in the technical room, and draining is rarely if ever done (see R&D: about eternal toilets).

Sanisphere dry toilets operate without the need of water or electricity, which greatly reduces the “breakdown” factor. The bowl never clogs and the system is frost-proof.

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On what types of sites can Sanisphere toilets be installed?

Browse our different toilet models, adapted to your needs : SANITER 2 pans for architects, SANITER monopente forexeptionnal sites, SANITER terrace for cities, SANILIGHT for isolated natural environments, SANIMAX for rest areas and high frequentation, SANITREK for heliportation or SaniMilitary for the army. We adapt ourselves to your needs: contact us!

What about places near a river, water body or in a flood zone?

Autonomous toilets must be located at a reasonable distance from a water source and the area must not be subject to flooding. However, in case the technical room is subject of flooding, the sanisphere technology is designed to avoid the effect of archimedes’ thrust which would impact the construction, and the biological treatment continues because worms love to swim.

Do you construct buildings with several cabins?

Discover all our toilet models and identify the toilets adapted to your needs. We also customize toilets and build multi-stall toilets to fit your needs.

Is it necessary to foresee a concrete slab for the sanitary facilities?

No need for a concrete slab, a simple excavation is enough and we take care of the waterproofing of the technical room with the ground thanks to a membrane. Thus the installation can be done in less than a day!

Find every step of the Sanisphere public restroom installation process on the page Our Services (installation, service, maintenance). And contact us to get all the details you need for your toilet installation project!

Is a water point required to install a dry toilet?

Sanisphere toilets do not require a water supply to install and operate. Learn more about Sanisphere toilet technology. You can though provide an outdoor water point with a water fountain for hand washing and other users’ water needs.

Do Sanisphere toilets meet PRM standards?

Yes, Sanisphere public toilets are accessible to people with reduced mobility in their “PRM” version. However, PRM standards are not the same in each country so if you have specific requirements regarding the PMR access to our toilets in your country please contact us so we can adapt to fuit your local reglementation. If you however have particular needs in term of respect of the standards do not hesitate to specify it to us, we can accompany you to answer it together #AuServiceDuSoulagementPublic Discover all our models of toilets.

Is there natural light enough inside the toilet cabins?

Sanisphere toilet cabins are designed to provide natural lighting in the cabin by placing glass on the bottom of the cabin to create a low-angled light and a cozy atmosphere in the toilet. This creates a balance between sufficient light, comfort, and avoids the more frequent tagging that Sanisphere customers have experienced with artificial light.

What about odors in Sanisphere dry toilets?

With an efficient natural ventilation system combining the action of the sun, wind and natural absorption on the vermicomposting, our toilets are odorless. Sanisphere is also working on the development of pleasant and natural scents for our public toilets if you want to learn more. Don’t hesitate to contact our R&D team! Learn more about Sanisphere technology.

Do users use the pedal properly?

The pedal must be pressed about 5 times to let the material disappear after the user has used te toilet. Our visual communication in the cabins allows us to ensure a good instruction to the users who use the pedal in great majority. Moreover, we have conducted a behavioral study that identified that users “search” for an action to perform after using the toilet, so they naturally turn to the pedal with curiosity and delight. However, there are times some users do not use the pedal, for various reasons of ignorance, unwillingness or simple incapacity. In these cases, don’t worry, the next user will operate the pedal before and after the use and the toilet will continue to function: in any case, this is what we see!

Do the woods of your buildings resist in time?

The woods are treated according to its exposure, autoclave for the base in class 4 to resist immersion and the contact with the ground, although it is also protected by membranes. For the siding and wood exposed to the sun and rain or cleaning moisture, it is also treated to resist outdoor. Some of our toilets are over 20 years old and resist aging very well. However, a regular maintenance of the wood is needed to ensure the lifespan of the wood in our installed facilities. We also have specific coatings depending on the context. Discover our different toilet models.

How long does it take to remove the compost and where does the urine go?

After 3 years, compost is produced and can start to be drained from the toilet in view of a valorization. Somehow, the dimensioning of the Sanisphere toilets is adapted to the frequentation so that it does not need to be drained, the compost can thus remain in the technical room, in general… eternally! In practice, it may be appropriate to consider a partial draining of the toilet after 10 years, depending on the number of users. More information on Sanisphere toilet technology and maintenance.

How long does toilet maintenance last?

Annual preventive toilet maintenance performed by Sanisphere’s technical team takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the work to be done. This annual visit ensures the good functioning of the technical system and the treatment ecosystem for a more sustainable toilet. It is therefore a highly sought intervention by Sanisphere customers and the relief of a malfunction-free toilet. Find out more about Sanisphere toilet service and maintenance here.

Will the vermicomposting system hold up if the toilet is not used?

The treatment ecosystem adapts to the frequency of use of the toilet, so when there is no long term use, the treatment ecosystem goes into standby mode and will only restart once the toilet is used again. For seasonal use of the toilet, don’t worry, the worms and the rest of the ecosystem are adapted to seasonal use. It is advised to have a maintenance visit before reopening the toilet, in order to check the state of the ecosystem and reseed if necessary. Everything you need to know about Sanisphere toilet technology and specific resources on public dry toilets.

What experience does Sanisphere have in public dry toilets?

Sanisphere has been a specialist in public dry toilets for more than 30 years, with more than 1200 toilets installed in France and around the world. Browse our references and locate a Sanisphere toilet near you. More information about our Mission and Sanisphere technology.

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