Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy pertains to the personal information we gather about you in order to provide you with the services we offer. Its goal is to present you with simple, understandable, and comprehensive information on the processing of personal data about you that is carried out by the Sanisphere firm in its position as data controller.

Who are we ?

Our website address is:

1. Who is the data controller ?

The company Sanisphère which manages the Internet site and whose registered office is located at Z.A. du Grand Tilleul 154, allée des Rassades – 26110 NYONS, is responsible for the processing of personal data that you provide directly on our site.

2. What data do we collect, for what purpose and on what legal basis?

2.1 What data do we collect, for what purpose and on what legal basis?

  • When you use a contact form on our website, we use your information (namely, your name, first name, email address, and phone number) to contact you again with the most relevant information for you and to give you quotations and business offers. (consent).
  • On the basis of our legal obligations, the data gathered may be used to handle your requests to exercise your rights under the applicable legislation on personal data protection (such as the ability to access, rectify, dispute, or delete data).

***Sanisphere only processes your information to the amount required for the reasons for which it was collected. ***

2.2 The data we collect when you interact with the site.

Our website use “cookies.” You consent to get cookies on your computer, tablet, or smartphone by using it. Cookies enable us to provide you with an ideal navigation experience on our website.

We welcome you to review our Cookies policy on our website to learn more about these technologies and your rights in respect to them, as well as to alter your choices.

3. The data we collect when you engage with the site.

With the exception of the Data Protection Officer, the personal data gathered by Sanisphere in the context of the contact form is meant solely for the latter and will not be shared to other parties.

Each treatment restricts the internal receivers who have access to and analyze the data in question. Data may be communicated to technical service providers selected for their experience and dependability, who will operate on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions. (IT subcontractor, host of our servers, etc.).

4. Is the obtained personal data transmitted to third-party countries?

Sanisphere makes every effort to preserve its customers’ personal information within the European Union. However, the data we gather when you use our website or services may be transferred to other countries, such as if any of our service providers are based outside of the European Union.

In the case of such a transfer, we guarantee that it occurs:

  • Either to countries that provide an adequate level of protection, i.e. a level of protection equivalent to that required by European regulations;
  • or that it is governed by standard contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission;
  • or to companies in the United States that have joined the Privacy Shield and are registered as such with the US government.

5. How long is the acquired personal data kept?

Personal data is kept for as long as is required to accomplish the purpose for which it was obtained or as required by law.

The period of retention is determined by numerous elements, including:

  • Sanisphere business requirements;
  • contractual requirements;
  • and legal constraints. (insurance, tax, human resources, etc.)
  • Regulatory agencies’ recommendations.

6. How do we guarantee your data’s security and confidentiality?

To prevent the loss, modification, or unauthorized disclosure of personal data, we have created adequate technological and organizational security measures to safeguard the security of our information system.

These measures may include practices such as limited access to data by authorized Sanisphere personnel, contractual guarantees when using external service providers, privacy impact assessments, regular reviews of our privacy practices and policies, and/or physical and/or logistical security measures. (secure access, clearance profile, anti-virus and firewall, etc.).

7. What are your legal rights, and how may you exercise them?

You own your personal data, and as such, you have certain rights. You have the following rights, if relevant, under applicable data protection laws and regulations:

  • Right of access: You have the right to know what personal information we have on file for you, to consult it, and to receive a copy of it.
  • Right to rectification: If you discover an error, you may contact us at any time to request that the wrong information be corrected.
  • You have the right to request that we remove your personal data under specific situations.
  • Limitation of use: under some cases, you have the right to request that we restrict the use of your personal data, for example, during the period required to investigate a request for correction.
  • Right to portability: You have the right to request that we send the personal data you have submitted to us in a structured, frequently used, and machine-readable format to you or another controller.

Fill out the contact form at to exercise your various rights.

We will make every effort to respond to your requests within the timeframe specified.

8. Cookie Administration

We welcome you to review our Cookies policy on our website to learn more about these technologies and your rights in respect to them, as well as to alter your choices.

9. The DPO’s contact details

  • by mail to the address below M. Armel Segretain, Sanisphère – Z.A. du Grand Tilleul 154, allée des Rassades 26110 NYONS
  • Contact us by email at [email protected].

You may also make a complaint with the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), 3 Place de Fontenoy – TSA 80715 – 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07, over the way Sanisphere gathers and handles your data.

10. Changes to the current policy

Sanisphere has the right to change this policy at any moment.