SANISPHERE technology


Why public dry toilets?

Historically, water toilets have dramatically improved the sanitary quality of cities, but they consume far too much water and cannot be installed everywhere.

Sanisphere develops more innovative and environmentally friendly sanitary solutions to meet your needs for reliable public toilets in every situation.

Smell-free, hygienic and easy to clean public toilets?

The sight of filth and foul odors, regardless of the style of toilet, make them unpleasant to use.

Sanisphere toilet cabins are hygienic, modern, and meet accessibility requirements for those with disabilities. Our toilets are designed to be clean and to be thoroughly washed.

The other challenge is to remove odors to bring maximum comfort to users. Sanisphere has developed a natural self-ventilation and filtration system. The air is aspirated by the toilet seat, then escapes through a chimney. The space is therefore permanently ventilated: there is no smell during use, or even during large flows of users.

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How do Sanisphere dry toilets work?

The first technological challenge was to separate effluents from toilets, as our bodies do naturally. Separation, like waste sorting at the source, prevents odors and allows for better in-situ treatment of materials, enabling for their valorization.

Sanisphere has patented innovative technological devices of conveyor belt for urine diversion, located under the seat or under the floor of the dry toilet and operated by a pedal. On the one hand, the liquids are directed by simple gravity into a drainage circuit. On the other hand, the solid elements remain on the conveyor belt and are transported to a composting room.

Then comes the second step of Sanisphere dry toilet technology: the recovered materials are processed into humus by compost worms, bacteria, fungi and insects. Humus can then be used to fertilize green spaces, for example.

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Better than Sustainable: Eternal Toilets

Sanisphere dry toilets are designed to work “forever” and without draining. The treatment of materials by the ecosystem – in particular by vermicomposting – considerably reduces the volume of compost over the years.


Thus, with an average reduction observed of 20% per year compared to the fresh material, and with a material quantity of 1m3/year: if the attendance is constant after 5 years, the heap reaches its critical size beyond which it will practically no longer grow: the toilet will have reached its stage of eternal toilet! This greatly simplifies the management of public toilets for communities.

Discover our different models of technical water-less toilet systems

Technical devices that suit to your needs

Technical system
Low to medium
Underground substructure
Higher Attendance Option
Technical system
Medium to high
Underground substructure
Higher Attendance Option
Technical system
XXL - Max
Very high
Underground substructure
Higher Attendance Option
*For ski resorts and snow areas: a 600 mm substructure is recommended, in order to have a door threshold raised above ground level.


Developed by Sanisphere in 2010, this version integrates the separation mat with the seat. It is therefore easy to install whatever the nature of the land, because it is not necessary to dig much in the plot to install the sanitary (30 cm of the building is buried).

Its use concerns only the low to medium attendance of the public. It is suitable for little frequented sites: small park, fishing pond, family gardens, hiking departure point, playground & multi-sport park…

XL PRM Device

The sturdiness of this mat has been proven by Sanisphere for more than 25 years. The visual comfort of the user is optimal.

Coupled with the low-angled daylighting device, the user does not perceive the bottom of the toilet at all.

This device makes it possible to prevent the obstruction of the exhaust ducts, caused by urine treatment. It is recommended for high attendance: city park, coastline, tourist site, classified site (ENS, Natura 2000, PNR, Grands Sites…), leisure base, parking …

XXL Device – Max

This system is extremely robust and proven for vandalism, and its viability is essential for continuous, trouble-free operation of public restrooms.

Designed specifically for extreme use in public restrooms, such as highway rest areas, this system is used in SANIMAX models. The length of this 250 cm belt allows for a much larger treatment pile than other models, which will make it possible to operate without emptying the toilets, or at least to considerably reduce the frequency of emptying.

According to our expertise meeting your needs, we equip each model of waterless toilet with the mechanism that will be appropriate to the expected attendance on the site you need to supply.

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Flexible, forward-looking solutions to manage urine

  • A connection to the network to integrate
  • Storage tanks for future valorization
  • Spreading drains for more simplicity
  • Dry urinals for a better welcome during high attendance
  • Co-composting urinals for natural treatment solutions

A mastery of the treatment ecosystem

  • A biological inoculum is added when installing toilets with detritivorous species that treat and significantly reduce the volumes of organic matter over the years
  • During its annual maintenance visits, Sanisphere monitors and adapts the waste treatment ecosystem according to the attendance and conditions of the location, in particular the humidity level with the reuse of rainwater.
  • The technical rooms are adapted to the attendance so as not to require any draining. In case of any attendance beyond design, draining after 10 to 15 years may be considered.
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Waterless toilets designed for users comfort

Simple to use
  • Sanisphere toilet cabins are hygienic, modern, clean and adapted to the accessibility conditions for people with disabilities.
  • Simple signage, based on pictograms, allows the immediate understanding of how it works.
  • Without the addition of sawdust, these toilets were designed for a use similar to a water toilet.
All-terrain hygiene

Our buildings are often located on sites isolated from any network. We therefore make it available to users in each cabin:

  • an antibacterial gel dispenser to ensure the hygiene of the seat and hands;
    two dispensers of toilet paper for permanent supply.
  • a cupboard to store consumables and cleaning tools facilitating servicing
Dry toilets without foul smells

Regardless of the type of toilet we use on a daily basis, two main nuisances affect them and make them unpleasant to use: the sight of dirt and foul odors. Sanisphere technology removed them with:

  • The low-angled lighting in the cabin that keeps the downpipe and the conveyor belt in the shade by backlighting effect;
  • The combined action of wind, sun and thermal inertia that creates a natural flow of air suction through the toilet seat, thus avoiding any smell in the cabin;
  • The treatment ecosystem, which also acts on the smell, thanks to an adsorption of odorant molecules by the vermicompost.