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Since 1991, Sanisphere has been marketing eco-friendly public toilets. Featuring innovative technology, Sanisphere toilets require neither water, nor electricity, nor sewerage connection. A solution to public sanitation dilemmas, both now and in the future.

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Robust and low-maintenance, these autonomous toilets have attracted communities, ski resorts and rest area operators. We are leaders in public dry toilets in France, and this is just the beginning!

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Sanisphere technology:
30 years of innovation

Sanisphere public toilets are comfortable, modern, eco-friendly and sophisticated. Our toilets are designed to stay clean and not to give off any odor. Are you dreaming of autonomous toilets?

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Why eco-friendly public toilets?

30 %

of a cities’ water consumption in France goes to flushing

6 kilos

of toilet paper used per person per year in Europe

200 million

tons of human excrement pollute the world's rivers every year

2,4 billion

people still live without toilets around the world

1000 Sanisphere toilets installed means:

600 000 m3

of drinking water saved


Olympic-sized pools of water at least

0 %

Leaks / overflow

1000 années

accumulated years of experiences

We are committed to public sanitation and sustainable development

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