Integration and customization


Are you facing specific constraints in your toilet installation project?

The Sanisphere consulting office offers to study with you upstream the various possibilities linked to the constraints imposed by the contracting authority, the architects and the project managers. With our team of engineers and technicians, you will be able to define a customized project, adapted to your needs and specificities.

Toilets for mountain huts

Integrated toilets are planned at the designing phase of the hut, or within a rehabilitation plan, by building an extension to the hut that is dedicated to these toilets.

The technical premises are then dimensioned in such a way that the produced compost produced never has to be emptied, for the sake of peace of mind and eco-responsibility (more information is provided on the eternal toilets).

Integrated toilets are favored by the Swiss Alpine Clubs and the French Alpine Clubs for their huts : find the nearest toilets.

Customized sanitary facilities

We started with extreme toilets in shelters up to 4400m above sea level on Mont Blanc. Since then, we have designed a customer-integrable module: the Sanimagine Kit, which features a treatment system and integrated technology, allowing the most resourceful customers to build their own toilet cabin around this solution.

The factory elaborations

Compare your project with the different models already made, or imagine a new aesthetic. We listen to you and adapt the toilet aesthetics to your preferences.

This approach is often carried out for city park developments, sites subject to the recommendations of the Architectes des bâtiments de France (ABF) or a Local Urban Planning Plan (PLU), as part of a global aesthetic approach. Discover the existing customized toilets.

The “ Ready to Install

Are you looking for a very specific covering? Do you want to homogenize the aesthetics of your future sanitary facilities with surrounding buildings or urban furniture (benches, tables, containers, lighting, green spaces, … ) ?

We can deliver to you a “ready to install” sanitary block that will allow the project to acquire the added value of our rigorous design to the final work, without the risk of breakdown or malfunction.

The integrations

Do you want to integrate your sanitary block into a “hard” construction? Is your toilet volume of frequency colossal?

We accompany you by carrying out a study for the integration of our waterless toilets in the buildings you create.

Major tourist sites, animal parks, unusual public establishments such as altitude restaurants, schools, shopping centers, bus and railway stations, etc. These examples of achievements are now common in our requests.

Together, we go beyond the notion of a simple “environmental approach” by integrating eco-friendly public toilets at high-potential experimental sites. Are you thinking about going to the toilets of the future? Let’s talk about it!


1 Homme
2 Femme
3 Accessibilité PMR
Accessibility for PRM
4 Cabine + : cabine confort, facilité de nettoyage
Cabine +
5 Camping car barré
Barred camping car
7 Facilité de maintenance
Ease to maintain
Easy to install
9 Ventilation naturelle / boule tournante
Natural ventilation
Natural lighting
11 Poignées robustes et sécurisées
Robust and secure handles
Natural soil
13 Bardage en sapin du Nord
Northern fir cladding
Family Gardens
Parking lot of isolated site
Hiking trail
Fishing pond
6 Parc national - Parc naturel régional - Espace naturel sensible et protégé
Regional natural park
Golf courses
Leisure base
Multisport Park
Long-distance cycling route
12 Refuge-Sanitrek
Shelter (Sanitrek)
13 Camp militaire
Military Camp (SaniMilitaire)
Downtown parking
15 Parc urbain - Jardin municipal
City park
16 Site touristique d'exception - Site touristique - Station touristique - Site classé - Site d'accueil touristique
Tourists site
Coastline and beach
Architectural plan
Rest area
21 Autoroute
22 Gare routière - Terminus de bus - Arrêt de bus
Bus stop
23 Gare ferroviaire
Railway station
24 Grande agglomération
Big city
Shopping center
Site with very high annual traffic
27 Gare de téléphérique - Restaurant d’altitude - Station de Ski
Ski Centre
28 Parc zoologique
Zoological park
1 Traitement antitag
Antitag treatment
Autumn cabin lighting
3 Fermeture automatique programmable
Automatic programmable closing
4 Sol en tôle alu larmé / Sol trafic intense
Aluminium sheet metal floor
5 Autres essences de bois (douglas, mélèze, tavaillon châtaignier…)
Other wood species
Roof 2P45
Roof ready to cover
Green roof
Wooden interior
14 Éclairage solaire ou sur réseau
Solar or grid lighting

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