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Toilets installation

Organization of logistics by the operational department

Once the order has been validated, our team contacts the customer and the service providers to organize the installation of the sanitary facilities.

Mobilization of the supervision and installation team

A Sanisphere technical team goes on site to ensure the smooth running of the toilet installation site and take responsibility for it.

Delivery of the prefabricated building

The building can be delivered on low loader trailer, 4×4, truck, boat or helicopter, according to the needs.


Earthworks are usually the responsibility of the customer, in order to mobilize a local company. It can be done on the same day as the installation of the toilet.

Implementation of building and technical materials

Our technical team takes care of the ground leveling and the implementation of the materials.

Positioning of the building

The building is lifted using a mechanical shovel, a manitou or a crane, thanks to the building’s lifting system.


The toilets are put into service the same day they are installed.

Discover the model of toilet adapted to your needs

Easy maintenance of dry toilets

Simplicity of toilet management

The absence of water and electricity makes it possible to reduce the “breakdown” bill of the toilet, while also avoiding dirt. Our cabins stay cleaner for a longer time between toilet maintenance service visits. Cleaning a Sanisphere toilet cabin is thus more pleasant for agents than a water toilet.

The toilet cabin is designed to stay clean
  • Absence of corners
  • Low-dirt floor
  • Slight slope from floor to door for squeegee water drainage
  • Natural ventilation to promote drying
  • Dry or water washable floor
  • Washable cabin surface
Antivandalism et finishing touch

Thanks to more than 1,200 installations and more than 30 years of customers feedbacks, Sanisphere has optimized its technology for intensive use of toilets and harsh conditions:

  • The toilet bowl never clogs
  • Freeze-proof system for year-round sanitary facilities
  • Careful finishing touch with sturdy materials for all our equipment (unbreakable bowls and dispensers)
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Technical maintenance of sanitary facilities

Sanisphere’s added value is its knowledge of the treatment ecosystem, which allows you to considerably reduce sanitary maintenance costs.

Sanisphere routinely provides a maintenance visit between the first and second year after installation to adjust the processing system to the local climate..

Beyond the second year, a maintenance agreement is offered between Sanisphere and the toilets operator. A single annual toilet maintenance intervention is sufficient for long term quality.

The operating cost of Sanisphere public toilets is therefore very low compared to other toilets (Pit, sawdust,Ecosan, water, self-washing…).


SANI+ range of cleaning products

The maintenance of toilets and urinals is essential for both users and operators. We can regularly supply you with the most suitable consumables for your needs, through the Sani+ range of bio-based products:

  • Maintenance products
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Hydroalcoholic gel
  • Drying bag
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SOULAGE-TOI, for autonomous public toilets

With the Soulage-toi program, Sanisphere helps you educate citizens about respect for places and their cleanliness, especially in isolated sites. The goal is to reduce the cost of maintaining public toilets for the community and to ensure clean and functional toilets for users.

Social innovation for autonomous and citizen public toilets

The Soulage-toi program allows quality control of cleanliness and pleasantness in the toilets. It commits citizens to nurture themselves that public good which they enjoy in pressing moments, with a system of reward. And this for the benefit of the community, which will save on maintenance.

More than a pressing need: Soulage-toi offers an unprecedented user experience on your territory

  • Nudges (encouragements) to encourage good behavior
  • Teaching aids to educate and empower

Daily quality control by citizens and users

  • Feedback buttons to control the quality of the reception and improve the service and monitor users’ satisfaction on cleanliness and maintenance
  • QR code scan to go further and engage the user to become more responsible
  • No need to clean a clean toilet: Soulage-toi allows the cleaning service to intervene only when needed, convenient for isolated sites!
A commitment and reward program

Citizens can enhance their civic action by choosing the development projects of the territory or Sanisphere that matter most to them, for example:

  • Ecology : planting trees to reduce the carbon footprint of toilets
  • Environment : R&D programme on materials valorization
  • Humanitarian : toilet projects in deprived areas
  • Future : R&D of ecological toilets for individuals and buildings

Improving the living experience in your territory, whatever the context, is possible: just install Sanisphere public toilets!