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SANILIGHT : Light & Designed all terrain toilets

SANITER : the reference of public dry toilets

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The installation of public toilets for a community generally raises several problems: the routing of the various networks, vandalism, service, maintenance, investment …

30 years of Research and Development and current growth of 30% per year have allowed us to develop public health services that are well developed and adapted to all the challenges of communities.

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With a network of more than 10 regional representatives, Sanisphere brings you the guarantees and advantages of proximity, both technically and in terms of quality service.

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Like many customers, you may have already experienced the operation of various types of conventional public toilets ( simple flushing, automatic cleaning). You know their limits: water leaks, clogged toilets, foul smells, need for connections, high frequency of maintenance, vandalism, heavy maintenance…

You may have even tried different types of dry toilets (sawdust, waterproof pit, or others …). They may have seemed expensive to maintain and tedious to operate: too many drainage to make, odor problems, comfort more than summary for users… You are looking for a reliable solution.


Sanisphere, is proven, sturdy and well designed

Start by taking it easy with maintenance, our team takes care of everything.

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Also eliminate nuisance: no odor or dirt with Sanisphere technology (provided that the maintenance of the cabin is respected).

Thanks to our experience, we have taken simple and effective measures to fight against vandalism in public toilets.

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Forget breakdowns: whatever the model is, the device is designed so that nothing gets clogged, and it is completely insensitive to frost or flooding. This is the advantage of dry toilets: water is useless for these toilets to work.

By choosing Sanisphere waterless-toilets for your territory, you will have a completely different image of public toilets, with guarantees of good operation over the long term and a real positive ecological impact. That’s why we call them eco-friendly public toilets, or simply Sanisphere.