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The fabulous traditional dry toilets in Mopti, Mali.

All R&D

What do we do?

At Sanisphere, we are convinced that the waste produced by our body can be treated in ways other than drinking water…

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How does it works ?

Just as our body does it naturally, Sanisphere toilets separate our effluents. The great interest of this process makes it possible to…

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What about smells, hygiene, cleaning?

The Sanisphère toilet cubicles are sober, modern, pure and adapted to the standards of accessibility…

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How much does it cost?

The range of toilets offered today by Sanisphère has considerably expanded and can meet all budgets. We define your project together to determine which model will be the best adapted to your expectations.

The operating cost is virtually zero! Only one intervention per year in the technical room is necessary, and its emptying is rarely or never done. (R&D : about the eternal toilet) Operation without the need for water or electricity considerably reduces the “failure” factor. The bowl never clogs and the system is insensitive to frost.

The Sanisphere toilets installed to date contribute to saving 12,600,000 liters of drinking water per year, the equivalent of 4,200 Olympic swimming pools.

Flushing represents on average 30% of a family’s water consumption in France.

A European uses an average of 13 kilos of toilet paper per year.

Worldwide, 200 million tons of human excrement end up in rivers every year and pollute them.

2.4 billion people still live without toilets today.