Tailor-made project

Beyond the qualities of our products and services delivered directly to communities, we are able to study with you upstream the various possibilities related to the constraints imposed by the MOA.

The Sanisphère design office is at your disposal to reconcile our various constraints on your project, and to make it as relevant as possible. By choosing to work with us, you can be sure of satisfying the operation of your sanitary facilities in the long term.


 Factory elaborations

As far as possible, we are able to achieve the aesthetics you want for a sanitary module. Compare your project with the different models already realized, or imagine a new aesthetic: we are at your disposal. This approach is often carried out for urban park developments, sites subject to the recommendations of ABF or a local PLU, as part of an overall aesthetic approach.


 The “ready to pose”

If the covering you are looking for is very specific, or if it is planned to homogenize the desired aesthetics with surrounding buildings or urban furniture (benches, tables, containers, lighting, green spaces …) we can deliver a “ready to wall” block that will allow the project to acquire the added value of our rigorous design to the final work, without risk of failure or malfunction.

Works Sanisphère – See finished works



When our prefabricated buildings are no longer in adequacy with the wish of a “permanent” finality, and very often when the frequentations are gigantic, we accompany you by carrying out with you the study to integrate our waterless toilets devices in the buildings which you create.
Large tourist sites, animal parks, unusual ERPs such as mountain restaurants, schools, shopping centers, bus & train stations… These examples of realizations are now common in our requests. Because of our influence – for the moment minor – they tend to go beyond the notion of a simple “environmental approach” for the implementation of our systems. All this is very promising for the future of our planet.


We equip each model with the device that will be adapted to the expected frequencies on the site you wish to equip, according to our expertise.


Developed by Sanisphère in 2010, this version integrates the carpet of
separation at the seat. It is therefore easy to install whatever the nature is
of the land, as it is not necessary to dig a lot in the
Plot to install the sanitary facilities (30 cm of the building is buried).

Its use concerns only low to medium attendance of the public. It is adapted in the context of little frequented sites: small park, fishing pond, gardens family, starting point of hike, multi-sports park …

XL PMR Device

The robustness of this carpet has been proven by Sanisphere for more than 25 years. The visual comfort of the user is optimal.
Combined with the shaving natural lighting device, the user does not have to worry about does not perceive the bottom of the bowl at all.

This device helps prevent blockage of the drain pipes caused by the processing of urine. It is recommended for heavy traffic: urban park, coastline, tourist site, classified site (ENS, Natura 2000, PNR, Grands Sites…), leisure center, parking …

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