Mountain Range

Sanisphere is today the leading supplier of public toilets in ski resorts, high-altitude sites and mountain huts. Many years of experience, R&D and innovation have enabled us to develop successful and proven technologies.

We have been part of the French actors of mountain development for several years as a member of the Mountain Cluster, as a participant in the DSF congresses, and by having a partnership with the ANMSM. Moreover, the export beyond the peaks of the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Massif Central and the Jura is emerging day by day.

We found the right techniques for all situations, even extreme ones.

Accessible isolated sites

    When we need to equip an isolated site, without networks but accessible by earth-moving machines, we propose a prefabricated toilet building, as in the plain. This represents the majority of the sites we carry out.


      We are regularly solicited, in particular by the Swiss Alpine Clubs, to create integrated toilets inside mountain refuges.

      They are during the design phase, or within the framework of a rehabilitation, by building an extension to the refuge dedicated to these toilets. Then, the technical rooms are dimensioned in such a way that the compost produced does not have to be emptied, in the interest of operational peace of mind and eco-responsibility (The eternal toilets).

      Not accessible isolated sites

        Many other refuges or mountain pastures, accessible only on foot or by helicopter, have no toilets.

        In 2013, within our innovation unit, we developed a heliportable model, easy to install and inexpensive compared to our traditional toilet buildings: the SANILIGHT. It is ideal for the summits of mountain resort slopes, hiking trails, climbing spots, or small mountain huts.

        When it is not possible to bring earth-moving equipment to the installation site, and the expected attendance is high, the solution is to construct a concrete ring beam to replace the buried portion of the building. This increases the storage capacity tenfold to eliminate the need for emptying. This is the technique we invented to absorb large influx of tourists on the GR 20 in Corsica: the SANITRECK.


        We mount the most appropriate system according to the number of visitors expected on the site you wish to set up.

        COMPACT PMR device

        Developed by Sanisphere in 2010, this version integrates the carpet of
        separation into the seat. Therefore, it is easier to install whatever the nature of the land. Indeed, it is not necessary to dig deeply in the
        plot to install the sanitary facility (only 30 cm of the building is buried).

        Its use concerns only the low to medium
        public attendance. It is adapted within the framework of sites
        little frequented sites: small park, fishing pond, gardens, hiking trails, playground & multisports park, etc.


        XL PMR device

        The robustness of this carpet has been proven by Sanisphere for more than 25 years. The visual comfort of the user is optimal. Thanks to low-angled natural light, the user cannot perceive the bottom of the bowl.

        This device helps to prevent a blockage of the drain pipes caused by the treatment of urine. It is recommended for heavy traffic: urban park, coastline, tourist site, classified site (ENS, Natura 2000, PNR, Grands Sites…), leisure center, parking, etc.


        Let’s define your implementation project / Let’s discuss it :