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Highway Rest Areas


The assurance of relief 24 hours a day.

This model is highly appreciated by operators of rest areas, and reveals a high efficiency of effluent treatment and simplicity of management.

Robust / Insensitive to frost / Does not clog up

Anti-vandalism / Environmental approach

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SANIMAX models are constantly being improved, and represent an important activity within our R&D innovation unit

The installation of public toilets in a rest area generally raises several problems: the routing of the various networks, vandalism, upkeep, maintenance, investment, the environmental approach, etc. Conventional public toilets with single flush or automatic cleaning systems are massively installed in these areas. Their operation, which is often technically and financially cumbersome, poses many problems related to incivility: clogged, degraded, and very often out of service or unhealthy toilets. Who hasn’t already noticed it with his own eyes?
Among these operators, some of them wanted to explore other solutions to improve this essential service for users.
In the early 2000s, we began equipping several areas of the DIR Centre-Est in the Allier on the RN7 and RN79 (known as RCEA). About ten years later, DIR Est, together with our company, equipped two sites on an experimental basis.
To date, we have delivered more than 25 toilet blocks for different DIRs, the majority of them in the last 5 years.

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After having collected the various returns from our customers over more than 10 years of operation, it's time to take stock of our achievements

  • The device is adapted to the current requirements of respect for the environment.
  • The maintenance costs of this equipment are much lower than those of conventional equipment, and they generate less incivility.
  • There is no clogging of the evacuations requiring unclogging, and no need for frost protection.
  • Maintenance personnel are very satisfied with the design of the cabins.
  • Users are satisfied with the service and comfort offered, and the environmental approach is well perceived.
  • The overall cost is very satisfactory in the long term (purchase, implementation, space saving, operating and maintenance costs).
  • Monitoring by Sanisphere and continuous improvement of the systems over time, taking into account the manager’s comments.


    We mount the most appropriate system according to the number of visitors expected on the site you wish to set up.

    COMPACT PMR device

    Developed by Sanisphere in 2010, this version integrates the carpet of
    separation into the seat. Therefore, it is easier to install whatever the nature of the land. Indeed, it is not necessary to dig deeply in the
    plot to install the sanitary facility (only 30 cm of the building is buried).

    Its use concerns only the low to medium
    public attendance. It is adapted within the framework of sites
    little frequented sites: small park, fishing pond, gardens, hiking trails, playground & multisports park, etc.


    XL PMR device

    The robustness of this carpet has been proven by Sanisphere for more than 25 years. The visual comfort of the user is optimal. Thanks to low-angled natural light, the user cannot perceive the bottom of the bowl.

    This device helps to prevent a blockage of the drain pipes caused by the treatment of urine. It is recommended for heavy traffic: urban park, coastline, tourist site, classified site (ENS, Natura 2000, PNR, Grands Sites…), leisure center, parking, etc.


    Let’s define your implementation project / Let’s discuss it :