• Easy to install
    • Atypical architecture
    • Standard or P.M.R version
    • Ground area 4 x 2.2m
    • Standard wood siding
    • Flat sheet metal roof 

Model marketed since 2015, it has a particular structure that makes it light, hence its name.

It has found its place on more than 100 sites: playgrounds, allotment gardens, hiking trails, military camps, tourist sites, urban parks, ponds …

Its shape is well adapted to snow. As a result, it is found more and more in mountain resorts & refuges.


    • High attendance
    • Modern architecture
    • Customizable
    • Ground area 4 x 2.2m
    • Numerous options (siding, urinals…)
    • Roof 2 slopes, single slope or terrace

The SANITER is the evolution of our historical model : the SANIVERTE.

Manufactured for more than 25 years, we realize these buildings in cohesion with your recommendations and specificities.

It equips coastal areas as well as mountains, including Regional Natural Parks, Sensitive Natural Areas, A.B.F.

que faisons-nous

Find out more ?

Whether you are a small community or a large agglomeration, Sanisphere offers you public toilet solutions adapted to your expectations.

With a network of more than 10 regional representatives, Sanisphère brings you the guarantees and advantages of proximity, both technically and in terms of quality service.

The installation of public toilets for a community generally raises several problems: the routing of the different networks, vandalism, maintenance, investment …

Our customers – who will explain it better than we do – have often experienced the operation of different types of conventional public toilets (single flush or automatic cleaning) or even, in a more confidential way, other so-called “dry” toilets (sawdust, watertight pit, or others …). These are quite inexpensive to buy, but in the short term they become tedious to operate: too many emptyings to be done, odor problems, a more than basic comfort for users, and in the long term … The final condemnation. After all that, we say to ourselves that these so-called “dry” toilets are babacool’s inventions, and that they are pretences of sustainable development…

By choosing Sanisphere for your territory, you will have a completely different image of public dry toilets, with guarantees of good functioning in the long term. That’s why we now call them eco-responsible public toilets, or simply Sanisphere.

odeur sanisphère

Sanisphere is proven, reliable, robust and well designed

  • Start by being quiet for maintenance, Sanisphere takes care of everything.

  • Also remove the nuisances: no smell, no dirt (provided that the maintenance of the cabin is respected).
  • Thanks to our experience, we have taken simple and effective measures to fight against vandalism (Services / Maintenance)
  • Forget about breakdowns: nothing gets clogged, and everything is insensitive to frost or flooding because water is useless to make these toilets work.


We mount the most appropriate system according to the number of visitors expected on the site you wish to set up.


Developed by Sanisphere in 2010, this version integrates the carpet of
separation into the seat. Therefore, it is easier to install whatever the nature of the land. Indeed, it is not necessary to dig deeply in the
plot to install the sanitary facility (only 30 cm of the building is buried).

Its use concerns only the low to medium
public attendance. It is adapted within the framework of sites
little frequented sites: small park, fishing pond, gardens, hiking trails, playground & multisports park, etc.


XL PMR device

The robustness of this carpet has been proven by Sanisphere for more than 25 years. The visual comfort of the user is optimal. Thanks to low-angled natural light, the user cannot perceive the bottom of the bowl.

This device helps to prevent a blockage of the drain pipes caused by the treatment of urine. It is recommended for heavy traffic: urban park, coastline, tourist site, classified site (ENS, Natura 2000, PNR, Grands Sites…), leisure center, parking, etc.


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